About Elite Report

Our report provides a unique blend of analysis, data, and news of companies, industries & Sectors. You get the cream from the most reliable news providers and the most renowned industry research experts.

We combine this with your own company research to offer you a multifaceted view of the market.

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Feature 1

When money is involved traders always want to be sure that their data & money are secure. Data exchange between trader and broker is secured as long as your login details are secured.

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Feature 2

This is helpful when you don't have the time to sit around all day in front of the terminal to add and trade on the recommended script with one-click order placement with the help of Investelite App.

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Feature 3

The order window will automatically fetch all fields. So there will be no chance that the clients will accidentally "forget" or "fill wrong values " which can affect the effectiveness of your trading.